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"Proud to promote the heritage of the Native people."

Discover your ancestral roots and delve into your family's history by exploring Native American genealogy research books from our extensive collection. We specialize in unearthing forgotten archival resources to provide you with a deeper understanding of your heritage.  Additionally, we offer printer-friendly genealogical research forms to assist you in organizing your search.  Our aim is to make this journey accessible to everyone, which is why our books can be found in thousands of libraries worldwide. We believe in empowering individuals to independently uncover their tribal heritage and provide affordable self-help materials for this meaningful endeavor.

NativeStudy is dedicated to promoting the exploration of Native American history. Our goal is to inspire individuals to delve into the rich heritage of Native Americans and pay tribute to their resilience in preserving their way of life. Through our curated collection of books, we aim to honor their legacy by fostering a deeper understanding of their culture and history. Join us in this journey of discovery and appreciation through the power of literature.

One Reference Librarian's review states,"Jeff Bowen's works are an indispensable resource in the field of Native American genealogy. He has painstakingly transcribed various difficult to locate sources into convenient, accessible volumes for genealogists to easily access. The volumes of his works are must haves for any library's genealogy collection and offer an incredible wealth of knowledge to patrons seeking to discover their Native American ancestry."

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