Census of the Pima,
Tohono O’odham (Papago),
and Maricopa Indians
of the Gila River,
​Ak Chin & Gila Bend Reservations 1932
With Birth & Death Rolls 1924-1932
Jeff Bowen

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This is a new publication that covers the 1932 Census of the Tohono O'odham (Papago), Pima and Maricopa Indians of the Gila River, State of Arizona, Pima Agency. Along with individual birth and death records for each year from 1924 through 1932, there are three separate census within these pages: the Gila River Reservation, Gila Bend Reservation and Ak Chin Reservation. The Introduction illustrates a people who learned not only to survive but chose to use their ingenuity for farming purposes where the common farmer would likely fail. It also points out the massive land base these tribes developed and continue to reside on to this day. There are over 6,800 names within this text with full index. Among these names it mentions the family of Ira Hayes (Pima) one of the men that helped raise the American flag in World War II during the defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific.

These records were transcribed from National Archives Film M-595 Roll 356.

paperback, 434 pages