Choctaw of Mississippi Indian Census 1929 - 1932
Births and Deaths 1924-1931
Volume I
Jeff Bowen

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Volume II

This two-volume series is a new reprint of the 1997 edition which hasn’t been available for eleven years or more. The format has been revised to 5.5" x 8.5", with a new cover, updated introduction, a limited index, and now includes a copy of the original treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek and a typed transcription.

In Choctaw of Mississippi, 1929-1932 with Birth and Death Rolls, 1924-1932, Volume I, and Choctaw of Mississippi, 1933, 1934 and 1937 with Birth and Death Rolls, 1932-1938, Volume II, you will find numerous categories or classifications such as the Choctaw Censuses of 1929 through 1932 and Census of 1937; Supplemental Rolls with additions, deductions and omissions, for various different reasons; Birth and Death Rolls 1924 through 1938 with supplemental rolls for unreported births and deaths and omissions; and Marriages for 1936, 1937 and as of 1939. These two volumes have been meticulously assembled in order for the researcher to easily locate the information for which they are searching.

The information contained within this two-book series was obtained from National Archive Microfilm rolls M-595 Rolls 41 and 42, NATIVE AMERICAN CENSUS ROLLS 1885-1940.

ISBN: 9781649681577
paperback, 390 pages