The Turtle – Signifies the ancient belief that the world was created on the back of a “moss-back turtle,” also known as the snapping turtle.

Willow Branches – Because of its resilience, our ancestors believed the willow tree signified the perpetual renewal of life.

War Club and Peace Pipe – Show us to be ready for war or peace, at any given moment.

Council Fire – Many tribes of the Northeast looked to us for leadership and advice. When the tribes came together for council, the Wyandotte often hosted and presided over those councils and were considered Keepers of the Council Fire.

Points of the Shield – Represent each of our twelve clans:

1. Big Turtle
2. Little Turtle
3. Mud Turtle
4. Wolf
5. Bear
6. Beaver
7. Deer
8. Porcupine
9. Striped Turtle
10. Highland Turtle
11. Snake
12. Hawk