1st Time These 2 Books Combined

Compilation Of
History Of The Cherokee Indians
Early History Of The Cherokees

Emmet Starr


How many hours did Dr. Starr, the student spend inside the Barnes Medical College, St. Louis? Working from dusk to dawn refining the art of healing for a people he loved, only to realize later he was primed and ready to gather his people’s history and lineages that unknowingly to him would be sought after for decades after he left this mortal coil.

From first addition copies of both books, this is a compilation of the History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folklore (1921) and Early History of the Cherokees Embracing Aboriginal Customs, Religion, Laws, Folk Lore, and Civilization (1917). It has been fully scanned or transcribed when needed with an added combined full name index (127 pages) all in one volume.

This work of two-century-old books contains detailed family histories, hundreds of Cherokee relations with important lineages, tribal offices, Cherokee culture and history with pictures; plus a RARE copy of Emmet Starr’s signature confirmed by an Oklahoma archivist who had seen several of his signatures in years past.

These two extremely popular books by the famous Cherokee genealogist, Emmet Starr, have NEVER BEFORE been published together. For the first time this Compilation is now available for purchase at most online booksellers.

While offering a way for thousands to find their heritage, Starr tells the Cherokees' story so curious descendants can relate to that history and the resilience of the very people they are searching for. Their fight to stay in Texas, to adapt to and build a life in Oklahoma after being driven from their homes in the east and told they weren’t civilized. The Cherokee already had courts, churches, a government and led productive lives. The author stakes his reputation on showing the world that the Cherokee are a spiritual and culturally mature people. Not only showing who they were but what they were made of and why those searching for them today are just like their forebears.

Starr's intense history helps the reader understand who truly the civilized ones were.

ISBN: 978-1-64968-127-0 Hardback
978-1-64968-119-5 Softback

996 pages

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