Eastern Cherokee Census, Cherokee, North Carolina,
Census 1932-1933
with Births and Deaths 1930-1932
Taken by Agent R. L. Spalsbury
Volume II
Jeff Bowen

     This is the second volume in this 3-book North Carolina Cherokee Census series. The Census will cover from 1932 thru 1933 with Birth and Death Records 1930 thru 1932. You will find at the end of different census years divisions of births and deaths mentioned and then, afterward, there will be an official birth roll and then an official death roll with a cause of death. Additionally you will find record headings such as Additions, Subtractions, Supplemental Rolls, Deduction Rolls, Deaths Unreported, Marriages, Supplemental Census, Live Births, Transfer or Adjustment Roll and Correction in Name Due to Marriage. These censuses were taken by different government agents during a difficult time in our country's history, the Great Depression (1929-1938). Each agent's name will be given with the volume he covered. The records transcribed in this series are from the National Archives film collection M-595, Rolls 25 & 26.

     Approximately 1,100 North Carolina Cherokees who had managed to avoid removal from what is known as the Qualla Boundary or Cherokee Reservation in Western North Carolina. The people within these pages are a direct line of those that hid in the mountains during that dark time in our history (The Cherokee Trail of Tears 1838-1839).

ISBN: 978-1-64968-005-1
​410 pages, paper

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