Northern Cheyenne
Tongue River, Montana

1904 - 1932 Census
1927-1932 Volume III
Including Births and Deaths 1925-1932
With Illustrations

Jeff Bowen

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This Northern Cheyenne book series contains 28 census years and is transcribed from National Archives Film Record Group M-595. It contains, in most cases, the previous census number, present census number, Indian name, if given, but in rare cases, English name, relationship to head of household, date of birth or year, and sex. There's a brief history of Northern Cheyenne struggles along with illustrations within each volume, in many cases of ancestors either past or within the census itself. Also there is a listing of resources used for the history along with a complete full name index.

This third volume (1927-1932) of the Northern Cheyenne Series after 24 years' worth of recorded censuses starting with the year 1928 changes format giving even greater detailed information concerning not only the Last Census Number, the Present Census Number (starting in 1930 just the Present Census Number), English Name, Relationship, Month and Year of Birth, Sex, and finally for the first time in this series Blood Quantum, which will indicate many individual's degree of blood in the previous two volumes. Central to these vital records you will also find Live Births 1925-1932; Deaths 1925-1932 with the Cause of Death in most cases along with some Additions. Also included are several illustrations. This volume is a great addition to the series being more detailed than ever due to the advanced nature and education of the personnel working to establish Northern Cheyenne records.

ISBN: 9781649681652
paperback, 514 pages

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