Oglala Sioux Indians
Pine Ridge Reservation
Birth & Death Rolls
Book II
Including Illustrations

Jeff Bowen

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In 1996, this 1924 to 1932 Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Birth and Death Rolls was published by this author which has long been out of print. Now, after 24 years these very same records have been re-transcribed containing over 4500 names and as Book II (as a companion to the Oglala Sioux Indians Pine Ridge Reservation 1932 Census Book I). In addition to the re-transcription there are 37 pre-1932 illustrations of Oglala Sioux people including their names. Also included in the book there is a Table of Contents, List of Illustrations and a very limited index since most of the records are in alphabetical order. It was felt that the illustrations needed to be included for ancestral recognition.

ISBN: 978-1-64968-118-8
​228 pages, paper

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