Denton R. Beford

Despite attempts to ignore him, Tsali has become part of the national Indian Heritage, because he exemplifies a shining example of self sacrifice, capable of arousing the admiration of all, red or white. Moreover, like the vast majority of us, Tsali was the ordinary man who could rise to great heights when put to the test. He deserves a prominent place in the national heritage of the entire nation.... With the stockaded prison camp order, came Tsali's brief moment of fame. He could have acted as most Cherokee men did, either capitulating to the white man's police force, or accepting with stoicism the inevitability of exile from his homeland. He acted as he did, because some quality in him would not allow him to tolerate deliberate and malicious abuse. Yet, he seemed to have acted instinctively, without any peculiar self consciousness about the importance of his act of defiance. Tsali was a reluctant hero. Perhaps that can explain his greatness as a man.

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This is a hard-to-find book but one of the greatest reads ever.