Turtle Mountain Reservation, Chippewa Indians 1932 Census
with Births and Deaths, 1924-1932
Jeff Bowen

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According to author Roland Marmon, "the Turtle Mountain Chippewa are the most prominent of the Plains Chippewa tribes in America with a membership of nearly eighty thousand people. The Turtle Mountain Chippewa were also affiliated with the ethnically European and Indian mixed Métis people, who constitute the largest Indigenous group in Canada, and were caught between national identities and Canadian and United States Federal policy."

These Chippewa records have been transcribed from the National Archives microfilm M-595, Roll 604: Indian Census Rolls 1885-1940, (Turtle Mountain) Chippewa Indians 1932 with Birth and Death Rolls, 1924-1932. The original 1932 census was typed using a columnar set form with labels at the top of each column. This transcription has been revised using semicolons to separate each column due to size.

Persons named in the 1932 Chippewa census are identified by name, census number, sex, age, relationship to head of household, degree of blood, marital status, residence, and allotment, annuity, and identification numbers. Each census, in the original, is in alphabetical order but in a few instances a name has been inserted that disrupts the sequence and has created the need for a limited index in the back of the book. The records of births and deaths, which follow the 1932 census transcriptions, are arranged chronologically and thereunder alphabetically by surname. Each person born or deceased within a particular year is identified by date of birth, sex, ward (yes/no), degree of blood, and where enrolled in the tribe. In all cases the author has been careful to copy the names and dates exactly as indicated on these microfilm records.

ISBN: 978-1-64968-034-1
​342 pages, paper