Sac & Fox - Shawnee Estates

(Under Sac & Fox Agency)

Volume I (1885-1910)
Volume II (1885-1910)
Volume III (1885-1910)
Volume IV (1885-1910)
Volume V (1885-1910)
Volume VI (1911-1919)
Volume VII (1911-1919)
Volume VIII (1920-1924)
Volume IX (1920-1924)

We wanted to give you a complete list of the tribal affiliations or parties (35) within the records of the Sac & Fox - Shawnee series. Some of these may be very limited, some may have extensive documents but it was felt that the reason people pick up these books is to find their Native heritage. As you know when you're looking for your ancestors you never know where they're going to turn up. So it was felt that a complete list of the tribes (people) involved within these records needed to be shared because we personally have found our past relations evasive and found them where we never thought possible. So we hope that this list works for you and your relation from the past is here. This work is done for people in hopes that we can provide something they've been searching for for a long time.